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lördag 10 mars 2012


Y´all seen Mr Beckham with daughter Harper ?

Oh..You can´t be bothered..

Well, that´s your loss because the couple has got a lot going for them and genuine happiness may not be as provocative as you may think. Tenderness may be anachronistic but time is not always on your side..

The mild tempered footballer (soccer player) is rapidly approaching his expiry day even if Paris and Saint Germain are on their toes to pay him sixteen Windsor Castles until his turning forty. Convincingly sporting his assets in his H&M briefs (Sweden appreciates that. Now some parts of the golden icon are ours) without regrets except for an astonishingly coy and modest commercial, this gentle man, coming back from an extensive tour in South East Asia as an UNICEF ambassador and making a fuzz about it, is rushed to royal events and red carpet happenings, as industrious a celebrity as phenomenal an athlete.

Obviously I like David Beckham. This ridiculously handsome man with a teenager lisp and an authentic shyness happens to potentiate my fatherly feelings even though procreation is not on the priority list at the moment.

David is a complex man. Stubborn, ambitious, obssessed and ruthless onfield and sweeter than a Marsala in private. A dedicated father without false pretenses, and, yes, I know this, and how and why I won´t tell.

His interaction with his offspring leaves nothing to be desired. The Beckhams do not keep the children incarcerated, loathe the fact that they have an American accent, but give in to the obvious that the children are rooted in L.A. And do not want to move. Securitywise their lives would be more relaxed in Europe although the paparazzi is even more vulgar than in the US.

Moving to Paris would be a hit because Frenchmen cannot be bothered and a Brit does not cause a stir, whether dressed in briefs only or in full gala. The French papparazzi is chasing, well, who knows who, now that Delon and Deneuve have gone into hiding and the golden era of Dutronc, Halliday, Clerc,Vartan and Hardy came to a halt decades ago. 

Can´t for the life of me remember who replaced them...The Casiraghi bunch?

The surviving dinosaur, Karl Lagerfeld, may rule the tout Paris now that Gaultier has stopped to dye his hair haystack color and his umpieth kilt lost it´s attraction while his current clothes´ line looks like a cloned replica of last season´s collection by the carrot muppet Grandmother of Fashion, Vivienne Westwood, on the fashionista irrelevant side of the Channel...

Beckham will last. That man will possibly be stubborn enough to be carried off the football field but may continue as a captain of any of the most prestigious football teams all over the global village in addition to his UNICEF commitment and the work with his own multinational football academies for impoversihed children.

With no receeding hairline although unfashionably tatooed, Mr Beckham will continue to be one of the most photographed celebrities for at least another decade and I am just fine with that.

I like men who like their children and that is how I remember my own father and the father I hope I have been myself.

Dads and players. The one´s that dare to show their affection publically will do just fine with ageing. The players not so much..

Did I mention Mrs Beckham? She´s a good girl and nothing like the image she sports for reasons unknown to me...Back in the monolithic era great beauties were not suppoused to show any mirth. When Garbo finally laughed it caused a sensation. But Posh is no Garbo. She is, however, an accomplished designer and an industrious professional and mother. She has every reason to look a bit dogged at times. A mother of four and married to one of the most desired of men on the planet..It takes two to tango.


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