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Douglas Modig

torsdag 8 mars 2012


Come on...Don´t you have more important things to do than to tune into this blog? No grandparents to visit? No country to rescue? No politician to stalk?

No, I haven´t got a life either.

Well, since we´re stuck with each other, let´s throw ourselves into this Swedish Besserwisser´s fountain of Gallimatias and ponder on American Democracy:

How come that the USA cannot launch one single candidate for any political position without spending billions of dollars? It´s not like there are infinite amounts of them. The dollars, I mean. Why is it that the single most prestigious (or so some believe) office in the world, that of the Presidency of the United States, cannot be appointed without senseless amounts of money spent and commercial back up by multi national enterprises such as Coca Cola or Pepsi to feed the African continent for two centuries?

Who´s going to win ? The most suited or the financially better sponsored ? How will you ever know, Americans?

If heavily dependent on billions of dollars, how does the President independesize himself from his sponsors once he/she has been elected? Does he or she really have a say when the going gets rough?

How come that the USA, close to a financial collapse, engagse in devastating promotion touring of candidates trying to make each other looking like a moron or an idiot? Why do the Republicans fight a deadly battle within their own party and how does that enrich the impoverished American people ?

Does it not even occur to the US establishment that you are not the owner of your own "assets". The State is so indebted that the 90 % of the annual BNP is already wasted. You are telling Europe to get our act together. How trustworthy do you think we find your pointing fingers at us?

Would not a national political mobilization with the wisest politicians, spin doctors, lobbyists and experts from both prominent parties to fight the obvious risk of a collapse be a wiser move?

Why so involved in the love life of your candidates? Why all this calling upon God when you are not willing to help yourselves by cooperating? The adversaries are calling upon the same God. Does He have to choose?

That, ladies and gentlemen, is sufficient to mark me as an anti American for the rest of my days. Well, I am not. Your are not anti a whole nation or the people. You may express your concern but you will also find that the Americans are not too fond of diverse opinions regarding American matters even though they, by the simplistic force of the Monroe Doctrine, feel obliged to meddle in exterior affairs no matter where.

Tea, anyone?


2 kommentarer:

  1. I generally prefer coffee myself, but I understand tea is preferable when one is ill. America is financally, perhaps culturally and racially ill.
    This is perhaps the root problem. Certainly, we are divided.
    We are viewed as a self-obsessed and arrogant country, secure and yet isolated, and yet the true blindness is that the average American sees little of the true global view.

  2. I'm not sure why my fellow Americans are crazy...but I'm not. ;-)